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Current Information/research/consumer info/issues

NYCPOA takes time out from solving that perpetual motion equation to address the number 1 (?) pedicab quality of life issue - rate cards whose per minute rate cannot be covered by a canopy. Brilliant! This draft $__ per minute rate card template will print on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper (landscape) with properly sized lettering. Take a look! Page 2 contains graphic items to insert actual rate number. Pls. note: this has not been approved yet by Dept. of Consumer Affairs. For research pursposes only at this time. (PDF)

NYCPOA Membership form (PDF)

See this latest Dept. of Consumers Affairs link for up to the minute information on the pedicab per minute pricing law and required signage and templates[click here to see]

NYCPOA releases a sample $2 per minute rate card template that will print on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper (landscape) with properly sized lettering. Take a look! (PDF)

NYCPOA releases another sample rate card template that will print on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper (landscape) with properly sized lettering that allows you to insert the rate using the same font. This is a 2 page document. Using Adobe Acrobat X, you can open the document, select your number from the list of available numbers (1-9) on page two, and paste that text "object" into the blank area next to the dollar sign. In this way, your chosen dollar amount will be in the appropriate font. (PDF)

DCA announces public hearing on pricing/timer regulation: -- Notice of Public Hearing and Opportunity to Comment on Proposed Amendments to Pedicab Rules regarding signage and timing devices for pedicabs. Date/Time: May 28, 2013 at 10:00 A.M. Location: Department of Consumer Affairs, 66 John Street, 11th floor Hearing Room, New York, NY 10038 (PDF)

NYCPOA issues press release after New York City Council passes intro 0597-2011/0597-A, a measure that will reform pedicab pricing, on November 27, 2012. See the PDF (PDF)

NYC&Co, NYC's tourism agency, releases pro-pricing reform statement, supporting honest pedicab drivers. See the PDF (PDF)

News Corporation, eager to divert attention away from phone hacking scandal that shuttered a London tabloid and led to a 1,987 page report by Lord Justice Sir Brian Leveson, says via New York Post that pedicabs do not have the right to exist and insults NYC city council as well, in laughable, unsigned editorial. Read this for kicks. Good comments though from readers.

Washington Post Business section covers new pedicab pricing measure for NYC pedicabs.

NYC City Council Consumer Affairs Committee moves forward on agenda to address pricing issues / require per minute pricing ONLY and no per passenger charges. In short, an interesting but sweeping change approaches the industry. Could go to the full council on Tuesday. (click here for link)

City Council Consumer Affairs Committee holds hearing October 18 at 1:00 p.m. at 250 Broadway, 16th Floor, to consider making all pedicab drivers charge by the minute and end by the block pricing. See the PDF (PDF)

NYCPOA issues press release regarding overcharged passengers and steps to address the problem (PDF)

NY Post exposes practice of deceptive pedicab pricing resulting in $400 plus rides across town! Driver carries more passengers than allowed by NYC law (3 is the limit) and charges tax as well! Taken for a ride -- indeed!

NYC Council Member Daniel Garodnick, chair of consumer affairs committee, pledges to move pricing transparency bill forward to a vote by the Fall. (click here for link)

NY City Council Member Dan Garodnick, chair of Consumer Affairs Committee, promises to push ahead on his amendment to pedicab regulations that would require a full quote up front, in writing, which has the support of NYCPOA.

NY City Council legislative status of Intro 0597-2011...a measure that would amend the administrative code regarding pedicab odometers, fares and receipts. Click here to view the history of this intro and view the transcript from the first hearing held 6/13/2011.

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio announces sweeping investigation into excessive fines charged small businesses by city agencies, including Dept. of Consumer Affairs -- files Article 78 petition due to lack of timely response to his office (PDF)


Arts & Culture

Pedicab driver pedals from Bejing to London in the spirit of competition and international understanding in an epic undertaking

Italian media cover pedicab en route from Bejing to London as he stops in Rome....Chen Guanming: dalla Cina alle Olimpiadi di Londra

More information, research, and consumer info/issues

DCA announces publication of new rule concerning allocation of un-assigned pedicab permits remaining after November 1, 2012, and how they will be made available (PDF)

Central Park map of 13 approved pedicab stands (PDF)

Fox 5 San Diego news reports that city council member Marti Emerald likens U.S. pedicab industry practice of bringing over hundreds of J-1 students to pedal pedicabs, often with little traffic safety expertise, to human trafficking. Says practice must stop. We agree.

NY Post in-depth article on how J-1 visa students lack oversight, can drift into trouble or worse -- "Temporary Visa Insanity" May 16, 2010

March 15 2012 San Diego Reader article - city council & community like the tighter regulations and now looking into preventing J-1 students from driving pedicabs (see the State Dept directive prohibiting this)

draft NYCPOA flyer to hand out to hotel door workers (PDF)

draft NYCPOA flyer to hand out to concerned NYPD officers (PDF)

DCA Online Complaint Form -- useful when a pedicab driver has fare - gouged you or operated unsafely

DCA Business License Instant Lookup Form (online search for business name). Useful to research business license status or info for a pedicab business (i.e., pedicab owner) or an individual pedicab driver/operator

DCA Informs pedicab industry that a hearing on April 13 11:00 a.m. will take place to provide details, take public comments, on how remaining unassigned pedicab ID plates will be distributed....most likely by lottery (PDF)

Nov 5 2011 Wall Street Journal article - Giving Pedicabs a Shot

Conan O'Brien - New Pedicab Driver in NYC

Conan O'Brien and the world's first pedicab video game takes it across the double yellow...

Sarah Haines of the TODAY Show aces her pedicab training in her Sarah in the City video

Pending City Council legislation on how pedicab fares are calculated and displayed. NYCPOA makes strong push for quoting complete fare up front (review the transcript)

City Council Feb 18 2011 Pedicab Oversight Hearing, reviewing the past 2 years of pedicab regulation and addressing areas for improvement. NYCPOA appeals to the Consumer Affairs Committee to abide by federal law and not grant business or operating permits to J-1 visa students (who must not work as independent contractors ever) (review the transcript)

We're curious what Dept. of Consumer Affairs has to say about this Feb 20 2011 NYPost story revealing a fleet owner has a beneficial family interest in more pedicabs than allowed by law.

Dept. of Consumer Affairs pedicab business license affirmation form whereby a business owner pledges not to have a beneficial family or otherwise interest in more than 30 pedicabs

State Department announcement in early 2011 explicitly prohibiting j-1 visa students from operating pedicabs, rolling chairs (e.g., Atlantic City) and for hire vehicles in the U.S., conveniently ignored by NYC.

NYCPOA writes to NY State Attorney General's office to ask whether DCA has the authority to screen pedicab driver applications, upon renewal, and flag those that one year later still present a foreign license rather than a NY State motor vehicle license (since the applicant obviously is residing in NY). Here is the response.(PDF)

Fantastic background reading in the San Diego Reader called Pedicab Wars on the rampant J-1 visa abuse that took place in San Diego, until the California State Assembly passed a law requiring a U.S. driver's license as the foundation license for pedicab drivers (following a passenger death by a reckless driver)

State Assembly (California)member Martin Block has his pedicab licensing bill passed and signed into law. (following a passenger death by a reckless driver in 2009, taking the life of retired school teacher Sharon Miller)

The Third Wheel - a documentary about the pedicab industry by Brian Schoenfelder, available on DVD

NYCPOA delivers numbers "1" and "0" to Times Square by pedicab for New Year's Eve pre-celebration (PDF)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg signs pedicab bill into law (PDF)
Photos and Commentary on signing ceremony at City Hall

NYC Dept. of Consumer Affairs (PDF)
Blank form listing pedicabs owned

NYC Dept. of Consumer Affairs (PDF)
Pedicab Inspection Checklist

NYC&CO Endorses Pedicabs (PDF)
June 2009

Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn joint Pedicab News Press release (PDF)
June 2009

Mayor Bloomberg's Bill Signing schedule for August 13, 2009 (PDF)
Re signing pedicab bill into law

Chad Marlow/NYCPOA remarks (PDF)
June 29 2009 hearing

Caroline Samponaro of Transportation Alternatives remarks (PDF)
June 29 hearing

New version of NY Law Journal Pedicab Appeals Court victory story (PDF)
April 09 Reprint PDF

Draft Generic pedicab driver rental agreement (PDF)
2 page sample for pedicab owners who rent

NYCPOA Member Benefits (PDF)

Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn Joint Press Release (PDF)
June 14, 2009

DCA Pedicab Law FAQ's (PDF)
June 2009

DCA Pedicab Business License (PDF)
First Version

DCA Pedicab Driver License (PDF)
First Version

New York City Local Law 19 (PDF) - Regarding Regulating Pedicabs Passed
April 23, 2007

New York State Court of Appeals Decision (PDF)
April 21, 2009

New York Law Journal Story on Appeals Court Decision (PDF)
April 27, 2009

Public Advocacy Group's Letter to Consumer Afairs General Counsel (PDF)
May 5, 2009



Pedicabs Green-Lighted (PDF)
Bikeradar.com - June 16, 2009

Stalled Plan to License Pedicabs Advances (PDF)
NYTimes - June 15, 2009

New York Post - June 15, 2009

NYPost Asks 'Why can't Pedicabs use bike lanes?" (PDF)
New York Post - June 15, 2009

Four Hurt When a Pedicab Slams Into a Taxi in Brooklyn (PDF)
NYTimes - June 11, 2009

Safety Rules Never Implemented (PDF)
NYTimes - June 12, 2009



We had an amazing development with respect to the pedicab law on Wednesday, January 16, 2008: we won in New York State Supreme Court!

Read the decision (PDF)

Read the New York Times blog on the topic, lead off by an article by reporter Sewell Chan.


Central Park Memo (PDF)


Executed stipulation of adjournment, setting out a schedule for the proceeding through November 2, 2007. (PDF)

FAQs about the lawsuit and the current state of pedicabbing in NYC. (PDF)


DCA Notice of Hearing and Proposed Rules for
Administering licensing process for Pedicabs in NYC.

DCA Notice of Hearing and Proposed Rules for
Administering licensing process for Pedicabs in NYC.


Summary of Propposed Pedicab Licensing Rules (PDF) (03/30/07)

NYCPOA Press Release, March 30, 2007, regarding Mayor Bloomberg's Veto of Intro 331-A.  Thank you!!!!!!  We had good news today. (03/30/07)

NYCPOA Press Release, March 30, 2007, regarding Mayor Bloomberg's Veto of Intro 331-A.  Thank you!!!!!!  We had good news today. (03/30/07)

Save The Pedicabs Letter Writing Kit (Word Format)

Save The Pedicabs Letter Writing Kit (For non-Word users: PDF Format)

NYCPOA Media Kit

NYCPOA full page ad from Feb 21, 2007 Metro NY newspaper asking for fair treatment (02/22/07)

Media advisory about NYCPOA event on Tues Feb 13 2007 at noon, city hall steps!!. (02/10/07)

New York Post article on electric assist pedicabs Dec 18, 2006. (02/10/07)

Wall Street Journal article from Oct 12, 2001.(02/10/07)

NY State Dept of Motor Vehicles Dec. 8 2006 letter re electric assist bicycles do not require registration and are classified as bicycles. (01/21/07)

Council Member Rosie Mendez, co-sponsor of intro 75a, pushes for legislation that does not put a cap on the number of pedicabs operating. (01/19/07)

Community Board 5 passes a resolution on January 11, 2007, 30 in favor to 2 not in favor, supporting pedicabs and pedicab legislation; they like the rule of 5 pedicabs waiting at theaters. (01/19/07)

NYCPOA strategic points on all legislation proposed by City Council, prepared by the Public Advocacy Group and presented to the Committee on Consumer Affairs, Leroy Comrie, Chair, on December 11, 2006. (12/11/06)

Current Draft Of Alan Gerson's 75A Bill (12/6/06)

Current Draft Of The City's Bill (12/6/06)

Transcript (not 100% corrected) from the first pedicab hearing on February 28, 2006, before the Committee on Consumer Affairs, NYC City Council, chaired by Leroy Comrie. (11/14/06)

NYCPOA Supports Into 75 Over Intro 331(5/19/06)

NYCPOA Concerns Over Intro 331 Restrictions (5/19/06)

NYCPOA Driver Monitoring/Best Practices Pilot Program (5/19/06)

Draft of Proposed New York City Department of Consumer Affairs Pedicab Regulation (5/11/06)

Memo In Support Of DCA Draft From May'rs Office (5/11/06)

Current Board Nominees (1/27/06)

Memo to Owners (1/15/06)

NYPCOA Code (1/15/06)

NYPCOA Application (1/15/06)

NYPCOA Nomination Form (1/15/06)